Sculpt Your Body With Katrina
for Just $0.30 Per Day!

Sculpt Your Body With Katrina for Just $0.30 Per Day!

Join 1000s of women who are focusing on their body AND mind inside the Daily Sculpt

Hi, I'm Katrina.

Not too long ago, I was an average college girl who lacked confidence in her own skin, wanted to love herself & dreamt of possessing a body I was proud of. 

I lacked self-worth and never believed I was good enough.

For me, everything changed when I decided to dedicate my time to sculpting my body and my mind.

 Not knowing which degree to pursue, I decided to join a gym and take courses on nutrition.

I went on to graduate with a degree in Food Science and embarked on a career as a holistic health coach. 

My goal was (and still is) to create the strongest version of myself. 

After years of helping other women create the strongest version of themselves, I decided to create a membership that would help women globally. 

But I didn’t want a program that was only 30 days or even 30 weeks… and then it’s over. 

I also didn’t want a program that would cost more than your monthly car payment! 

So I decided to create an affordable membership program that you can benefit from on a daily basis. 

After months of planning, I created what you see here today… The Daily Sculpt.

When creating the Daily Sculpt I didn’t want to give
you a bunch of PDFs with workouts on them… I knew that wouldn’t be enough.

When creating the Daily Sculpt I didn’t want to give you a bunch of PDFs with workouts on them… I knew that wouldn’t be enough.

Instead, I focused on 3 key areas to sculpt your body and mind together:

Let me show you more about each focus area…



  • Home AND Gym Workouts (no more excuses, lol!)
  • Updated every single day: Never plateau again!
  • Over 450 demonstrative exercise videos
  • Mobile accessibility: You’ll have everything you need right on your phone
  • See numerous form tutorials to make sure you’re training safely and effectively
  • Stop wasting money: The Daily Sculpt will be the last program you need to purchase
  • Walk in the gym with confidence: You’ll have videos with detailed instruction for every exercise, you’ll never feel lost again
  • Efficient workouts: Don’t spend hours in the gym! Get the job done quickly and effectively
  • Programming built for all needs: The Daily Sculpt is extremely versatile, offering everything from yoga to strength training



  • Put your personal numbers in the dashboard calculator and get a custom meal plan made specifically for your goals
  • Save money by using the custom grocery list included to fit your custom meal plan
  • All program created and supervised by our team Registered Dietitian
  • Daily meal plan gives you exact meals (including snacks!) and portion sizes
  • Numerous “swaps” so you can still follow the meal plan with foods you actually enjoy eating
  • Gut health-focused eating: Learn exactly how your gut health can change numerous things for you personally
  • Unique recipes within your custom meal plan
  • Over 30 different nutrition-specific videos covering everything from alcohol to bloating issues
  • How to control hormone levels with nutrition (numerous videos included!)



  • Take the mental health survey to develop your customized plan - everyone is unique!
  • Daily guidance focused on increasing your mental health
  • Learn how to use yoga techniques to relieve mental and physical stress
  • Discover the power of meditation for your mental health - video guided meditations included!
  • Watch how I taught myself to “set my standard” and learn why it changed everything in my life
  • Learn how food can positively or negatively impact your mental health
  • See the incredible changes breathwork can cause in your body and mind
  • Develop the habit of journaling to help with everything from anxiety to personal growth by using the daily prompts we give you
  • Self-care practices: Learn the simple changes you can start using today to improve your mental health
  • Find out why I care so much about including gratitude in my journaling process
  • Discover the specific food and supplements we recommend for improving your mental health and brain function
  • See how I deal with anxiety and how you can quickly make these changes in your own life


Every month you have the chance to win real money!

Each month I give you a brand new challenge to hold yourself accountable and get the motivation you need to continue all of your daily workouts.

Take a look at some of the results we’ve gotten so far…

  • Each month I give away thousands of dollars based on accountability -not just results!
  • Join thousands of other members who are working together and holding one another accountable
  • Prizes awarded based on your personal commitment to self-growth
  • Each month has a new theme so it’s always interesting and fresh
  • Multiple cash prize winners every single month
  • Always focused on both physical and mental results

Take a look at some of our past challenge themes below:

The only question left is…
Will you join us in the Daily Sculpt?

The only question left is… Will you join us in the Daily Sculpt?

I can’t promise this price will always be this low so don’t wait around to join the thousands of other women in The Daily Sculpt!

ONLY $9/ Per Month

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